Silvermine Stone Veneer

Elevate the value of your home or business with our easy-to-install mortarless architectural stone products. Silvermine’s range of stone architectural accent designs and colors will suit any location and budget.

*Product mix varies by location, please check with your local branch for product availability.

Silvermine Stone Siding

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Silvermine Stone Siding

Silvermine® Stone Siding offers the easiest installation in the market. Their patented flashing and fastening system has been specifically engineered to address the challenges faced by both mortared and mortarless stone products.

Unlike any other stone product, our patented flashing system creates a tight seal on the wall, moving water away from the structure eliminating the need for an additional water barrier or drainage plane.

Product Details

Features & Benefits

  • Include Our Patented Flashing System
  • Install Up to 4 Times Faster
  • Cost Less to Install Than Mortar-On and Other Mortarless Solutions
  • Require Less Wall Preparation
  • Can Be Installed in Any Season
  • Are Simple to Install
  • Hard as stone yet light weight


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Silvermine Stone Veneer ICC Evaluation Service Report – ESR 4787