Specialty Lumber

U.S. LUMBER offers unparalleled quality and craftsmanship with our specialty lumber collection. From exquisite hardwoods to durable exotic woods, our selection offers the finest materials to elevate your projects, ensuring beauty and longevity in every piece.

*Product mix varies by location, please check with your local branch for product availability.


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Western Red Cedar has a natural beauty, durability, and charm that fits any lifestyle. It is carbon neutral, and offers all-natural performance, exceptional beauty, phenomenal versatility, and superior finish - with a light weight. It can be stained immediately in either a factory finish application or on the job site.

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Features & Benefits

  • Board offerings of Inventoried products ranging from: Boards, Decking, Dimension, Patterns, Siding, & Timbers
  • Consistently high grade and manufacturing quality
  • Superior Product Appearance and Performance
  • Competitive Market Pricing