The TYPAR® Weather Protection System doesn’t merely meet the standards. It sets them, defining a premium level of defense that the competition simply doesn’t measure up to. Let’s break it down, one clear advantage at a time.

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Defining rugged, high-performance weather protection for decades, TYPAR® BuildingWrap stands up to the elements—and the competition. On single-family homes and structures up to three stories, TYPAR Building Wrap delivers unbeatable toughness, intelligence, and warranty backing.

Wrapping it right, then, begins with TYPAR. Not to mention being armed with a handful of best practices.

Product Details

Features & Benefits

  • BOOSTS ENERGY-EFFICIENCY: Superior air and water holdout reduces energy costs.
  • STANDS UP TO SUNLIGHT: Leave exposed for up to six months with no UV degradation.
  • HOLDS TIGHTER DURING CONSTRUCTION: Tear-strength 5x greater than the competition.
  • RESISTS SURFACTANT DAMAGE: Handles harsh chemicals and jobsite cleaning techniques.


TYPAR Full Line Tri Fold

TYPAR Buildingwrap Sells Sheet

TYPAR Buildingwrap Installation Guide

TYPAR Metrowrap Sells Sheet

TYPAR Metrowarp Installation Guide

TYPAR Buildingwrap 3 Part Specification

TYPAR Metrowrap 3 Part Specification