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U.S. LUMBER offers unparalleled quality and craftsmanship with our specialty lumber collection. From exquisite hardwoods to durable exotic woods, our selection offers the finest materials to elevate your projects, ensuring beauty and longevity in every piece.

*Product mix varies by location, please check with your local branch for product availability.


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Solid Pine boards provide a timeless look that is reliable and affordable. Pine is flexible but resilient and develops character as it ages, enhancing its charm. Soft yet durable, it is strong for its weight and resistant to twists or checks. Maximize efficiency on your job site by saving time on installation and cleanup, while delivering superior results.

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Broad Offering of Inventoried Products

  • Pine is generally recognized as the most versatile wood found in abundance in North America. Its uses range throughout every phase of the light construction field.
  • Pine is an extremely paintable wood and responds splendidly to varnish, stain and lacquer treatments.