Who We Are

U.S. LUMBER is proud to be an SBP brand! We pride ourselves on quick response, deep knowledge, and relationships built on trust.

U.S. LUMBER is proud to be an SBP brand!

Specialty Building Products (SBP) operates through five brands in the United States and Canada. Individually, each brand has a rich history of its own and is well-known within the local community it serves. Together, as one company, we are better prepared to meet the growing demands of the building industry with an unmatched depth and breadth of inventory, in-person support, and robust selling systems.

When you see "an SBP brand", you can expect the same personalized experience you know and trust, with the strong commitment and support of the fastest-growing building materials supplier in North America - Specialty Building Products.

What we value

At the heart of SBP and U.S. LUMBER, you’ll find our People, Culture, and Core Values. Our People are our greatest strength. We work together to serve our customers, and we don’t stop until they’re satisfied. Our Culture shows up as a company that works hard, never settles, and wants to win. We aim always to do the right thing – even when it is hard. This commitment creates a strong foundation and long-lasting relationships that are rich in trust. Our Core Values revolve around our impact on the lives of everyone we touch, making a difference in the world one person at a time.

Our company

U.S. LUMBER is one of the largest, privately held distributors of specialty building materials. Founded in 1988 by Lawrence Newton, we have expanded beyond our Birmingham, Alabama roots to serve our customers across North America.

In the 30+ years since Lawrence Newton founded U.S. LUMBER , we have experienced tremendous growth across new markets all over the US. Most recently, U.S. LUMBER has acquired Boston Cedar, NILCO, and Midwest Lumber.

Over time, we have consistently enhanced our product and service offerings while remaining committed to maintaining the highest standard of trust with our customers and suppliers. Today, our company serves over 15,000 customer locations in the United States and Canada with more than 50 categories of unique specialty building products.

Our People

U.S. LUMBER is proud to be a values-based organization. Our moral compass requires us to put people first and do what’s right—even when it’s a challenge. U.S. LUMBER brings this perspective to each of our employees, customers, suppliers, and communities. We never underestimate the power of our employees’ ability to have a distinctively positive impact on the people around us.

We are proud to have the best team in our industry. We have experienced a tremendous amount of growth as a company. This growth has not only served our customer base, but has also provided significant advancement opportunities for our employees.

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Our suppliers & Production

Our supply partners are among the industry’s best manufacturers of both forest products and wood alternative products. We inventory the broadest and deepest selection of specialty building materials in our industry.

With our unrivaled logistics expertise, U.S. LUMBER has curated many products and items from complex supply chains. These products are difficult for our customers to buy directly from the manufacturers in the quantities they need in the lead times that their customers require.

Our locations

Our Customers

Our customer base is made up of 15,000 local lumber yards, building supply dealers, and home improvement retailers who in turn serve the professional remodelers, home builders, general contractors, and DIY’ers in their local communities. We do not sell directly to individuals, builders, or general contractors.