PWT Treated LVL: Expertise Meets Functionality

PWT Treated LVL is the ONLY LVL treated during the manufacturing process. The unique TRU-CORE® technology provides uniform dispersion of the treatment throughout the thickness and length of the material, for lasting durability in exterior as well as interior applications.


Elevation Rail Panel with Cable by RDI

An innovative horizontal cable railing system that can install 38% faster than leading competition with fewer SKUs that need to be ordered. Elevation Rail is available as pre-assembled kits with pre-installed brackets and pre-strung, stainless-steel cables.


LP SmartSide ExpertFinish Brushed Smooth

The trim and siding feature a subtle linear brushed finish that gives exteriors a modern look.



The testimonials highlight the quality of the company’s products, their excellent customer service, and their competitive pricing. Customers speak highly of the knowledgeable and helpful staff, the ease of ordering and delivery, and the durability of the lumber products.

Price, product and service help create a sale, but it takes people to create relationships, which lead to long term partnerships. We are in partnership with US Lumber. They have good people who I enjoy working with.

–President, CEO (Vendor)

My overall experience with Us Lumber is a great company, with the 17 years that I have ordered through them has always been so professional. They are very knowledgeable on all the products. The are very reliable and dependable. Inside and outside sales are wonderful.

–Prodesk Sales Associate (Customer)

U.S. LUMBER is a very reliable partner with excellent service and knowledgeable staff. With a wide variety of products and very competitive prices, they are definitely a go-to vendor of choice for our team.

–General Manager (Customer)

A good working relationship requires trust, respect, and open communication. As a vendor of high-quality lumber products US lumber brings those qualities to the partnership which makes my job that much easier

–Sales Manager (Vendor)

U.S. LUMBER takes great care of me and my staff. They support my business with a broad product offering, outstanding customer service and professional sales team.

–Regional General Manager (Customer)