Open Joist

OPEN JOIST is the engineered floor joist that satisfies every requirement for safe and lasting construction.

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Open Joist Truss

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Open Joist Truss

Open Joist is a revolutionary, open-web, wood floor truss engineered with superior strength and load-carrying capabilities. This open web joist offers advantages and assurances that enhance residential, multi-family, off-site, hospitality and light commercial building projects.

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Features & Benefits

  • Open Joist is lightweight and easy to install and doesn't require structural rim.
  • Mechanical systems install within the floor's framing rather than hanging below.
  • Open Joist offers builders and homeowners peace of mind with a lifetime warranty.
  • Trimmable trusses let you cut the exact length dimensions needed for framing.
  • Long-span capabilities can eliminate the need for intermediate bearings and thus reduce framing costs.
  • Open Joist's design affords the most cost-effective depths, which are versatile to each floor design.
  • Manufactured from high-quality, "mature-growth" trees of a fast-growing species from managed forestland.


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