Now your home has a powerful ally against the effects of harsh weather — Barricade® Building Wrap. Join the numerous builders already using Barricade for efficient and effective protection of the building envelope.

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Whether you’re looking for a builder-grade perforated building wrap or a high-performance wrap matching the benefits and reliability of major brands, we offer solutions to meet your needs, manufactured under high-quality control standards.

Each of Barricade’s Building Wraps are engineered with high-performance features that offer faster, easier, and more reliable installs.

Product Details

Features & Benefits

  • Higher performance: Micro-perforations designed for maximum performance. We don’t just punch holes in the material – our perforations have been designed with the angle, size, and direction that offer maximum performance.
  • Breathable protection: If moisture gets trapped in the walls, it can destroy the integrity of your insulation. Barricade Building Wrap is designed to prevent the passage of liquid water from the elements, but still allow trapped moisture to exit the structure naturally.
  • Superior strength: Barricade Building Wrap is made of a cross-woven polyolefin material known for its superior strength and tear-stop design.
  • Designed translucence: Barricade Building Wrap is designed to be translucent, making studs and framing members easy to find.
  • Resists bulk water: Resists water penetration from wind-driven rain and other sources.
  • Limits incoming moisture while allowing unwanted moisture to escape the wall cavity. This prevents the moisture from inward solar vapor drive from damaging the wall cavity.
  • Heavy winds pose a threat to building wrap during installation. With its tear-stop design, Barricade Building Wrap is one of the most durable wraps around.
  • Barricade’s special ultraviolet stabilizers protect it from the sun’s harsh rays. In fact, Barricade Building Wrap is protected against UV rays for up to 12 months.


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