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Pacific Woodtech produces the best Engineered Wood Products in the industry, backed by a very stable parent company, dedicated and experienced employees, the most advanced production facility of its kind, and a product warranty.

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Treated LVL

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Treated LVL

PWT Treated LVL is the ONLY LVL treated during the manufacturing process. The unique TRU-CORE® technology provides uniform dispersion of the treatment throughout the thickness and length of the material, for lasting durability in exterior as well as interior applications.

Strength, stiffness and uniformity are all engineered in. And PWT Treated LVL carries a 25-year limited warranty for protection against damage caused by fungal rot, decay, and wood-destroying insects, including Formosan termites.

Product Details

Features & Benefits

  • Engineered for consistent strength: Software calculations and layouts are more convenient and accurate.
  • Easy to work with: Weighs less than pressure treated lumber of equal size.
  • Uniform in size, wane free, and straight: No twist or bow and no need for crowning joists. With uniform moisture content, the size stays proportionate as it grows or shrinks.
  • Specification: Treated LVL is getting specified more and Treated SCL is listed in AWPA U1.
  • Sustainability: Wood is the right choice for a host of construction applications. It is the earth’s natural, energy efficient, and renewable building material.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty: 25-year limited warranty from date of sale.


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