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Barricade About

Barricade Building Wrap

  • Barricade Building Wrap is perforated polyolefin membrane that is installed beneath the exterior siding to reduce air infiltration.

Barricade Plus

  • Installed over the sheathing, Barricade Plus housewrap seals the gaps, and reduces air infiltration before it can rob your home of costly energy.

Barricade Conform Stretchable Flashing and Barricade Ulti-Flash

  • The Barricade® Flashing System - Conform Strechable flashing and Ulti-Flash® premium butyl rubber flashing - offers outstanding moisture protection and the ultimate line of defense around windows and doors.

Barricade Flash Right

  • Barricade® Flash Right SBS Window and door flashing tape is a high-performance, asphalt-based window and door flashing membrane.

Barricade Seam Tape

  • BARRICADE® Seam Tape provides a secondary line of defense against exterior moisture penetration when used as part of the wall envelope.
Barricade Resources
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