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Versatex Canvas Series

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Versatex Canvas Series

VERSATEX is responsive, innovative and proven. Our focus is the cellular PVC trim market. Our strength is innovation and our ability to quickly bring new product solutions to market for our builders, contractors and architects. VERSATEX is a proven leader with an unmatched service platform and best-in-class product quality.

Versatex Canvas Series delivers the rich look of premium woods with the maintenance-free convenience of VERSATEX the industry has grown to love. Exterior-grade, wood-tone laminates are bonded onto VERSATEX’s WP4, Stealth Beadboard, 4" Crown and Bed Mould profiles, eliminating the requirement of labor-intensive restaining and adding the long-lasting durability and moisture/insect resistance of VERSATEX cellular PVC.

Product Details

Features & Benefits

  • Created from cellular PVC, it is moisture and insect resistant while still featuring the real cedar look and woodworking characteristics a fine builder or craftsman desires.
  • Ideal solution for moisture sensitive areas, including those along coastal zones or regions affected by salt and high humidity.
  • No more warping, cupping, or splitting
  • Can be used in direct contact with masonry
  • Can be used in direct contact with moisture
  • Does not require painting
  • All profiles are available in all finishes
  • Color-matched touch-up kit is available for purchase
  • Made from long lasting, durable, and moisture/insect resistant VERSATEX cellular PVC
  • Can be installed anywhere traditional materials can, such as porch ceilings, soffit, accent walls, outdoor fences, showers and more
  • The laminate achieves excellent values in the reduction of heat build-up and weathering. Ideally suited for all-weather environments, but fully suited for hot climate zones
  • No re-staining or upkeep is required to maintain the Canvas Series’ stunning grains


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