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Smartbark Engineered Siding

Designed and engineered to mimic the look of natural bark siding. With multiple styles to choose from our Engineered Synthetic SmartBark Shingles allows developers, builders, architects, and homeowners to create unique and realistic representations of natural bark. SmartBark provides the opportunity to clad your project in barks such as Poplar and American Chestnut, not all of which are available naturally.

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Features & Benefits

  • Authenticity: Our artisans, design engineers and manufacturing processes have captured the look of natural bark siding. We take great pride in providing you with a unique, authentic look in a high performance composite building product.
  • Design Flexibility: Personalize the look of your next project by using SmartBark engineered siding. Our versatile product provides you with design flexibility within your budget. Whether using SmartBark as an accent on gable ends, full house coverage or highlighting a wall on a covered living area, we offer you limitless design flexibility.

Features & Benefits

  • Durable and Maintenance Free: SmartBark siding panels are impact resistant and designed for everyday residential and commercial applications. SmartBark is washable, paintable, flame resistant and has an R-value of 4.7 per inch. SmartBark saves on energy costs year after year.
  • Easy Installation: SmartBark siding panels offer significant savings over traditional bark siding by reducing installation labor. Our unique tab system and rain screen fit and match with ease. SmartBark also does not require bug treatment or a special moisture barrier.


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