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Typar About

Typar HouseWrap Benefits

  • Superior Water Holdout — blocks water from entering the wall cavity.
  • Exceptional Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) — it breathes so moisture can escape the wall cavity.
  • Superior Tear Strength — proven to withstand heavy winds and is almost five times stronger than the leading competitive house wrap.
  • Optimal Surfactant Resistance — reduces the damaging effects that oils and tannins from OSB, soaps and powerwashing can have on the system’s ability to block bulk moisture penetration
  • UV Exposure Rating — 50% better than the best-known house wrap brand. 180 days vs. 120 days.

Typar MetroWrap Benefits

  • Enhanced UV Resistance — up to 12 months of protection from UV degradation from the sun. This makes Typar MetroWrap an excellent choice for evolving construction schedules and an interim environmental barrier for interior construction.
  • Best Water Holdout — protects interior environments during and after construction from air infiltration and damaging water.
  • Best Surfactant Resistance — handles side exposure to harsh chemicals and cleaning techniques found on commercial jobsites.
  • Exceptional Mold Resistance — will not support the growth of mold (ASTM D 3273) or degradation of interior air quality.
  • Excellent Air Barrier — reduces energy costs over time; protects interior during construction.
Typar Resources
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