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One System, One Source, Guaranteed

  • The Fortifiber Building Systems Group manufactures the most comprehensive moisture control systems available – helping to protect builders from water intrusion and moisture that can damage residential and commercial buildings.

Jumbo Tex

  • The Jumbo Tex product line has proven its value in the field as an effective weather-resistive barrier behind stucco and brick, as well as fiber cement, wood, and vinyl siding.

WeatherSmart Housewrap

  • WeatherSmart offers architects, specifiers, builders and homeowners an intelligent housewrap solution – one that delivers the ideal balance between water intrusion protection and moisture vapor breathability. It can be used in any climate and behind most exterior claddings.

PlyDry™ Woven Housewrap

  • PlyDry is a dependable tear-resistant housewrap that is very cost-competitive.

Fortifiber Sheathing Tape

  • Designed for maximum adhesion to all of Fortifiber's weather-resistive barrier technologies, Fortifiber Sheathing Tape provides complete protection against air and water intrusion.

FortiFlash Waterproof Flashing (25 mil)- Self Adhesive

  • FortiFlash is a premium self-adhesive waterproof flashing membrane for windows. It is also ideally suited for flashing non-roofing horizontal conditions such as pot shelves, parapets, sill pans and recessed windows.

FortiFlash Butyl

  • FortiFlash Butyl is a self-sealing barrier to protect windows, doors and through-wall penetrations – as well as non-roofing conditions such as recessed windows, sill pans, pot shelves and parapets.
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