TruExterior Siding 101: Everything You Need to Know

June 13, 2024

Looking for siding and trim options that make you a leading competitor in the building material market? You’ve come to the right place. At U.S. LUMBER, we are dedicated to providing high-quality and high-impact products to our loyal customers — which is why we carry TruExterior siding and trim.

TruExterior offers technologically advanced exterior finishing options that are easy to install, require minimum maintenance, and offer high resistance to the elements. TruExterior siding and trim allow you to provide your customers the unique advantages of durability, solid warranty and outstanding reputation in the marketplace.

TruExterior Siding and Trim

TruExterior is a unique siding and trim solution in today’s sea of fiber cement and composite offerings. Manufactured from 70% recycled material, it is rated for ground contact and masonry contact, which can give you peace of mind when it comes to applying siding that will be close to grade or exposed to high moisture conditions.

The combination of polymers and fly ash (poly-ash) provides dimensional stability, durability and termite resistance unavailable in other siding products. Your contractors will find it easier to work with than wood, fiber cement or engineered wood siding products, and it is available in 16’ lengths.

In addition, poly-ash is not a food source for mold and mildew, reducing the need for regular maintenance. TruExterior siding and trim are backed by a 20-year warranty, so you can rest easy knowing they’ve got your back.

Offered in Multiple Patterns

Many manufacturers in the siding industry only offer a few design patterns in the composite siding category. TruExterior manufactures its poly-ash siding in three categories with multiple patterns to choose from.

Board and Batten

No matter where you’re building, you know that board and batten siding has become another way to add interest to your projects. It can be installed as an accent in the gables or used as the main siding for a modern farmhouse look. This pattern is easily produced using TruExterior trim boards as they provide an authentic board and batten pattern by combining planks available in 4” to 12” widths with 1” or 5/4” batten strips to cover the joints.

The board and batten pattern is most authentic when installed with single board planks, with the gaps hidden by trim boards. In the past, this design has been created using wood, which easily warps, can become infested with bugs and is susceptible to rot. TruExterior trim boards provide extreme stability, resist cupping and warping, and the bottoms of the planks won’t rot due to the poly-ash makeup of the trim.

Craftsman Collection

The Craftsman style was named after a magazine that started in 1901 and is an offshoot of the British Arts and Crafts movement from the late 1800s. TruExteior recreates the notable patterns that came out of this movement in this Craftsman collection. This selection includes some of the most popular patterns homeowners ask their builders for:

  • Nickel Gap/Shiplap
  • Channel Siding
  • Channel Bevel Siding
  • V-Rustic Siding
  • Cove/Dutch lap Siding

The Craftsman collection offers builders a wide selection of authentic designs reminiscent of the arts and crafts style without the issues associated with wood or fiber cement products.


Beadboard is extensively used on the home’s interior as a paneling, as well as soffit material and porch ceilings. The boards can be installed with the bead side out or as a V-joint pattern with a smooth center section and are used both horizontally and vertically. This pattern is often found on the interior of the home as wainscoting.

TruExterior Trim

Our trim selection includes boards that are ¾” to 2” thick and come in 4” to 12” widths. Our poly-ash composite trim can be worked like real wood with the additional advantage of nailing the board right up to the edge without breaking or cracking. This can be important when installing narrow trim pieces that cannot be glued.

TruExterior seeks to manufacture environmentally-friendly products, and our trim is made from 70% recycled material. Our water-resistant trim boards offer extra protection when used as window and door trim and as trim against a roof to cover metal flashing. TruExteior’s advantage includes a 2” thick trim board, giving you the option to use it as heavy corner boards and intricate trim designs that require varying widths and thicknesses.

Virtual Remodeler

Anyone trying to decide on a color or pattern for their siding or trim will wonder what it will actually look like once it’s on the home. TruExteior’s virtual remodeler lets users take a picture of a project or use one of their stock images to see how the different exterior finishes will look on a structure. TruExteior also offers a more customized service by using actual dimensions and providing a material list with the image.

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TruExterior Building Products is Leading the Way with Innovation

We aren’t just a building materials distributor. We’re your partner in building a successful operation! Your customers include professional contractors, sub-contractors and homeowners who expect the best materials at the best price, and they depend on you to provide that. At U.S. LUMBER, we are always searching for products that are ahead of the curve in innovation, keeping you a top competitor in your market.

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