Fry Reglet Archt Materials

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Fry Reglet Archt Materials About

Features & Benefits

  • Fry Reglet Wall Covering Trims provide a modern aesthetic for all types of wall coverings.
  • Designed with a 3/16” flange, this family of profiles provide a slim, 1/8” pocket that captures and protects the edge of the wall covering. Their custom curving capabilities, design and fabrication of custom profiles, and factory welded intersections provide unlimited design possibilities and a simple, precise installation.
  • With finishes ranging from clear to color anodized, as well as standard and custom matched powder coat paint, their Wall Covering Trims can be custom curated for any palette.


  • Fry Reglet's curving process is precise and our aluminum moldings hold their shape from the factory to the job site. Whether conforming to conditions such as archways, columns, and curved ceilings; or when using Fry Reglet moldings to create a pattern within the wall, Fry Reglet's curving capability can add surprisingly dramatic effects to any project.


  • Factory fabricated intersections and corner pieces of the same or different moldings are used to connect horizontal and vertical joints, or transitions from plane to plane. The intersections are welded and sealed. Standard leg lengths are 6” from the center point of the reveal. Custom leg lengths are available.
Fry Reglet Archt Materials Resources
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