Rail-FX Cable Rail

Product mix varies by location, please check with your local branch for product availability.
Rail-FX Cable Rail About


RailFX Aluminum Railing Systems deliver an all-in-one solution for any project. Our team of experts make sure you are taken care of at every step.

  • Up to 5′ Post Spacing
  • 1/8″ 316 Stainless Steel Cable*
  • Cable Fasteners included with the system
  • Seamless top rails are available in lengths up to 20 feet
  • Easy to trim top rails on site
  • All posts are pre-drilled for cable and conceal the fittings and hardware
  • Custom colors available
  • Low Maintenance


RailFX cable railing kits come with stainless steel cable railing hardware fittings for both ends of your cable run, all washers and fasteners necessary, choice of 1/8″ or 3/16″ diameter 1×19 Type 316 stainless steel cable, and installation instructions.

Cable railing kits come in cable length increments of 5′ to 70′ lengths. You will cut the cables to their proper lengths on site. Each kit contains one cable and all associated hardware.


  • Non-tensioning fittings are coupled with tensioning fittings to support the cable as it is tightened to the appropriate level to pass building code requirements.


  • Every cable run needs at least one tensioning fitting to ensure the cable can be made taut enough to pass building code requirements.
Rail-FX Cable Rail Resources
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