Core Values

As individuals, U.S. Lumber employees have nine core values that we live by. They didn't come from consultants, nor are they aspirational. They reflect what we actually believe and how we actually behave. They are who we are.

ETHOSWhat We Believe

Always do the right thing, even when it is hard.

Give credit where credit is due. Most of the credit is not due to you.

Use your influence to have a uniquely positive impact on people.

COMMUNITYHow We Treat Each Other

Be consistently responsive to customers and suppliers.

Develop people by serving the whole person.

Lead with influence; not position, title or tenure.

ATTITUDEHow We Play The Game

Live with Intentionality. Make Sure Your Progress is on a Well Conceived Path.

Don't Finish Fresh. Give Everything You Have Every Day.

Live out Idealism. Don't Settle.

U.S. LUMBER believes that by maintaining a culture based on these Core Values, we are building a high-performance organization that can actually make a difference in our world one person at a time.