Ghost Wood

Product mix varies by location, please check with your local branch for product availability.
Ghost Wood About

Benefits & Features

  • Little to No Maintenance – Our multiple step proprietary process uses an eco-friendly finish that will continue to weather more over time when exposed to UV light, moisture and inclement weather, maintain as you would reclaim wood.
  • Exact Specs – We can cut to exact sizes required, resulting in very little waste of product when installed.
  • Little to No Defects – We cull defective boards at each step through the process. In comparison, 30-70% of reclaimed wood ends up being unusable due to rot, splits, and defects.
  • Half the Price – Our Ghost Wood® products resemble the look of reclaimed wood at a cost of approximately half the price. *
  • Eco-friendly – Montana Ghost Wood includes the use of eco-friendly finishes that have proven themselves as both “green” and effective for over 60 years. “Green” from start to finish, quality throughout, that is the difference only Montana Ghost Wood can deliver
Ghost Wood Resources
  • Ghostwood Acclimation Guide.pdf

  • Ghostwood Installation Recommendations.pdf

  • Ghostwood Product InformationBrochure.pdf

  • Ghostwood Product Profiles.pdf