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Composite Trim

MiraTEC delivers a combination of long-lasting performance and beauty with every composite trim.
Manufactured using the company’s patented TEC process, each trim looks just like wood but will not delaminate and has a high tolerance against moisture, rot, and termite attacks. Available in a smooth or textured finish, MiraTEC trims serve as the perfect accent piece to your cement fiber, vinyl, brick, OSB, hardboard, wood or stucco exteriors.
Plycem provides a collection of composite trims known to have all the advantages of wood but none of its limitations.
Made from recycled materials, each trim is built to withstand exposure to all sorts of elements, including fire. Plus, it comes with a reversible surface giving you more styling options. Versatile, weather-resistant and environmentally-friendly, Plycem composite trims has become the preferred choice of builders and architects when it comes to siding enhancement.